Special Program for Teachers

This information is for K-12 teachers, college professors, trade school instructors or a teacher’s aide. See the Individuals page for the basics that apply to all individuals, including students and teachers.

There is probably no group in society that is more plugged into their community than teachers, especially those teaching at the K-12 level. They play a vital role in laying the foundation for our kids when they grow up and become adults and hopefully useful contributing citizens. Yet society appears to undervalue teachers at what many would say is an appalling level. One of the key ways that manifests is the compensation that society is willing to provide teachers and their programs, often so parsimonious that teachers are compelled to pay for things like classroom supplies out of their own pockets.  

Therefore, SCC has designed an initial program to provide a bit more assistance to those whose are trying to nurture and develop our future citizens. In addition to the default signup bonus of 50 units of a complementary currency that every new account holder will receive, we will provide an addition 50 unit bonus to K-12 teachers, college professors, trade school instructors and teacher’s aides. Beyond that, we will also provide them with a monthly education grant of 50 additional units, while they are still teaching.

To sign up and receive a one-time grant of 100 units of their state currency plus a monthly grant of 50 units, teachers are required to enroll using the below Create Your Account button.  When you select that button you will be taken to the UNIEX bank site where you will be required to provide the normal account holder information required of all new users, plus the school where you teach, the grade you teach and subject and school email address, if you have one.

Once enrolled you will be able to buy and sell goods and services on your state’s marketplace (see Postings) as well as recruit others in your personal network to sign up and earn a commission each time those referrals purchase the currency (see Social Media Affiliates).


Besides the financial benefit to the teachers described above, there are other reasons why we have focused on teachers, especially K-12 teachers. One of our chief goals in deploying the SCF program is to help lift up regional economies throughout our country and elsewhere throughout the world, as broadly and as rapidly as we can. The more people that join in that effort, the greater the benefit for all.

The whole system becomes vital and healthy the faster we can make it grow. That led us to look for large blocks of individuals who could be motivated to join en masse, or who are in a position to get others to do so. Teachers represent such a group.

The key here is that teachers, whether they are tech savvy or not, have students the vast majority of which are very tech savvy. Nonetheless, each teacher has a natural social network of potential adopters in the form of their students (along the lines explored in the section Social Media Affiliates) who have the deepest roots into local communities. 

Provided that those teachers navigate whatever privacy issues their school may impose on them, as well as obtaining approvals from parents, those teachers can then provide their students with instructions to enroll themselves in the program. Those students would receive the same signup bonus as adults and thereafter they will be able to both exchange the currency among themselves as well as signup their family, friends and neighbors, stimulating mass adoption in their neighborhoods, something that could take the concept of a garage sale and put it on steroids.

So, let’s get you started. Click on the below button and get involved.

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