For-profit Businesses

Businesses, especially small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), can sign up to spend and receive their state currency in connection with their business. This document goes into detail on how SMEs can benefit by accepting the currency, along with the potential for making profit that goes straight to their bottom line by selling the currency to their customers.

Just about everyone has shopped at businesses that sell state lottery tickets. Lottery ticket machines are everywhere. Merchants sell those lottery tickets because they make money doing so, an average of about 5% as a commission on every sale. That is pure profit (without any cost of goods) that goes straight to their bottom line.

Our system makes selling their state currency far more profitable than that. We will pay a 30% commission on each sale (6 times lotto sales) plus a matching amount of the complementary currency for an effective commission of 60%! Those customers would then be able to spend that currency in that store or business. But that’s not all.

When an SME gets an individual to setup an account on the system, thereafter the business can earn a 20% commission on purchases of the currency made by that individual, even if the purchase is done elsewhere. See the section Social Media Affiliates for more information on that concept.

If you are would like to take advantage of the special arrangements we have made for SMEs, follow the link below and fill out the form to join the system and we will be in touch.

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