Not-for-profit Organizations


Not-For-Profit Organizations (NFPs) represent a special group that SCC wants to help in the SCF financial ecosystem. NFPs include all non-profit, tax exempt organizations (registered with IRS as 501(c) organizations (1-29)) and state and local governments, school districts, etc. Unlike for-profit businesses, NFPs rely primarily on donations, grants and tax revenue rather than for-profit income, and as a result are usually underfunded, while providing much needed services.

SCC has arranged to have NFPs sell their state currency and thereby earn an even larger commission than SMEs. SCC will pay them a 40% commission, plus a matching amount of the currency, for an effective commission of 80%.

For more details on the scope of the NFP program, see this document. If you are a not-for-profit organization and would like to take advantage of these special arrangements, click on the Create Your Account button below and we will contact you with further instructions.


As soon as is viable, SCC will launch raffles at both the national and state level. Anyone purchasing a state currency will automatically be enrolled in those raffles. Like purchases made with for-profit businesses, the customers of NFPs will likewise be entered into the weekly national and state raffles. In fact, NFPs can hold their own raffles in which their supporters purchase the currency at events held by the NFPs where prizes are awarded on the spot, in addition to the buyers being entered into the national and state raffles.

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