A Guided Tour

The below pictures will take you on a guided tour of the various elements of the Universal Exchange US (UNIEX) complementary currency voucher banking system and its corresponding marketplace. We start with the home page for this portal website which introduces the complementary currency banking concept. This site provides the means to create an account on the bank, which is shown further down.

When you are ready to set up an account on the UNIEX bank, go to the Signup page. This what the Signup Page looks like. 

From that SignUp page you will select the type of account you will be creating on the bank. There are five different kinds of accounts, each with different features and benefits to those account types. They are Individuals, College Students, Teachers, Non-Profits (NGOs), and Business accounts. The majority of accounts will be for Individuals and here is what that signup page looks like.

Once an account type is selected, the user is transferred to the UNIEX bank to enter their account information, as shown in this signup page for an individual:

Once an account is established, the user can login to the bank. Here is a screenshot of the login screen for the bank website.

This is what an account page looks like on the bank after you login. On this screen, you can purchase more currency (from any state); send currency to someone or receive it; see a record of your past transfers; send a referral link to other party to sign up (and earn a commission when they enroll); setup an account for someone else (enroll them) and earn a commission; facilitate transfers between to other parties who lack internet connectivity on their own; and finally, schedule recurring automatic payments to a third party so that you do not have to do it manually each time (like auto pay on regular checking accounts).

Once you have created an account on uniexbank.com, you can make use of the online marketplace  where you can buy and sell goods and services using the complementary currency vouchers. Each state will have its own dedicated marketplace.

The screen below shows state marketplace for the state of Ohio, where our program is launching first. However, any account holder can login to any state marketplace.

Once you log in to a state marketplace, you can search for items you would like to purchase; post items you would like to sell; or top up your account by purchasing more currency (using credit or ATM cards).

The default login screen below covers the entire state (in this case the State of Ohio). You can tell it is statewide by the words in the box labeled Select Location. If you would like to buy or sell on a more local basis, you would click inside that box and you would see a listing of all the local areas in your state such as Akron, Cleveland, Youngstown, etc., as exampled by those in Ohio state depicted below.

Finally, if you would like to sell something or offer your services, you can select the Post Your Ad button in the upper right corner and see the following screen where you can post it.

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