Imagine If We Had . . .

  • All the money we need to address climate change
  • Thriving small businesses
  • Jobs with living wages
  • Fully funded non-profits
  • Personal debt reduction
  • Free health care for all
  • Plenty of money for infrastructure
  • Fully funded public education K thru post-secondary
  • Energy produced mostly from renewable sources
  • Food security for all with locally grown food
  • Fully funded state and local governments
  • Clean water, air and energy
  • Healthy and vibrant local economies
  • Free child and elder care
  • Universal blight remediation
  • Basic income for those in need
  • Plenty of money to support the arts, science, technology and more
  • Funding to launch 100% of for-profit and non-profit startups with a viable plan

Sound impossible? It’s not and here’s why.

Money - It's Not What You Think

Ask anyone where money comes from and most will say “the Mint” or “the U.S. Treasury” or even more generally, “the government.” But most national governments create only about 3% of all the money in circulation.

Find our where the other 97% comes from.

To see how we can apply these concepts, visit the
Sustainable Communities Framework page.

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